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(20+ years)
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The Best Lawyers in America
(Alternative Dispute Resolution)
2006 - 2021

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(Alternative Dispute Resolution)
2008 - 2021

American College of Civil Trial Mediators
Induction: 2013

The Florida Circuit-Civil Mediator Society
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The National Association of Distinguished Neutrals
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Attorney Feedback and Recognition

“This is another case you should put in the “win” column. My client . . . gave me SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS to notify 'that great mediator we had' and give him the good news and thank him for all of his efforts." (Apr. 2021)

"It was a pleasure working with you. I truly thought there was no way this case would settle. It could not have been done without you." (Mar. 2021)

"You are very good at what you do. I appreciate your diligence in this small case. So I will recommend you for bigger ones over this way. Thank you." (Jan. 2021)

"[Our] Team and I were very impressed with your handling of this Mediation. You absorbed a lot of complex info and positions very fast and were very patient to help us thread the proverbial needle. Thanks!" (Dec. 2020)

"This is . . . to thank you for the great job you did mediating this case. It was a very long day, but as always you get the job done and settle cases that appear impossible to settle." (Apr. 2020)

"First I would like to say a special thanks to Jim for all of his hard and smart work on this matter. To say we are very impressed and appreciative would be an understatement." (Feb. 2020)

"I recently participated in a mediation in which Jim Nulman acted as the mediator. While this was not my first mediation, I can say that Jim Nulman was, perhaps, the most skilled mediator with whom I have worked.

Jim's strength lay in his approach and his experience. He approached each side patiently and fairly, with a thorough understanding of the issues, and of each party's relative strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, his career as a trial attorney gave him the credibility that allowed him to move the parties from a significant spread to an eventual settlement. I was not certain that a mediated settlement was tenable in our particular circumstance. Fortunately, our choice of mediators helped bring the untenable to a reality." (Oct. 2018)

"Thanks Jim. I don't say this lightly – this case would have never settled without your extraordinary skills as a mediator. The parties were too far apart in both dollars and ideology. You truly are a master at bringing folks together in a way that promotes everyone. I continue to be impressed.” (Oct. 2012)